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Navitar offers superior quality, high resolution electronic imaging optics for a variety of critical machine vision applications. Their line-up includes C-mount, F-mount, large format and telecentric optical systems. Whether you require a zoom lens or a fixed magnification system, Navitar's rugged, compact designs will stand-up to the most demanding applications and image formats.


Navitar Lens Navitar and Fujinon low magnification CCTV lenses are the benchmark against which all CCTV video lenses should be measured. Quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, result in high resolution, sharp, optically precise video optics.


Telecentric Lenses

Navitar offers a family of high-performance telecentric lenses for use in machine vision, metrology, and precision gauging applications. All provide low optical distortion and a high degree of telecentricity for maximum, accurate image reproduction, particularly when viewing three-dimensional objects.

MagniStar Bi-Telecentric

Navitar's new line of MagniStar high resolution bi-telecentric lenses offer the ideal optical solution for imaging and measurement applications where extreme accuracy is required. Designed to work with camera formats of 2/3" and smaller; and will support megapixel cameras with 3.5 micron pixels. Mounts available. Magnifications range from 0.051X to 2X

Features include:

MagniStar Bi-Telecntric

Zoom Telecentric

The 12x Telecentric zoom system allows users to reach a true telecentric condition to within 0.3 degrees while maintaining constant perspective and magnification. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including precise dimensional measurement of objects or pattern recognition.

Zoom Telecentric

Single-Sided Telecentric

Navitar offers single-sided telecentric lenses from SPO, Inc. that provide low optical distortion and a high degree of telecentricity for accurate image reproduction, particularly when viewing three-dimensional objects.  These lenses are available in 1”, ½”, 2/3” and 4/3” formats, exclusively designed for machine vision, metrology and precision measurement applications.

Single-Sided Telecentric

Video Telecentric

The Navitar TC-5028 is a 50 mm fixed focal length video telecentric lens with manual focus and iris. This compact lens reduces or eliminates viewing angle error and magnification error while providing high resolution and contrast with low distortion.

Video Telecentric

Vision Illumination

Illumination has proven to be one of the most important components when designing a successful imaging system. Navitar thoroughly understands that Navitar Lights the correct lighting can only enhance the performance of our industry leading vision systems.

Navitar LED-based ring lights and coaxial lights were designed with careful consideration for the standard working distances that most of our customers use. The components are low profile and provide bright, even illumination to compliment the performance of your vision system. 


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