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TranspaTect Photoelectric Sensor

download brochure Sick's cutting-edge technology allows the MultiTask photoelectric sensor TranspaTect to detect transparent and semitransparent trays and bottles without the use of reflectors, a frequent source of errors, instead using machine components as the reference surface.

  • Eliminating the reflector saves time and costs 
  • Maximum insensitivity to dust and dirt contamination
  • Rugged Housing offers high resistance to cleaning agents
  • 400mm detection range
  • Reliable detection of transparent objects such as trays or bottle
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Exceptional Background Suppression and Extended Range

G6 Global Sensors G6 Global Sensors

Get exceptional background suppression at an extended range with the new G6 sensor. The G6 has a custom ASIC chip that contains proprietary technology, enabling it to also easily detect multi-colored/shiny objects. It also features a PinPoint LED, which provides high immunity to ambient light, and cross talk immunity.

  • SICK ASIC chip for suppression of ambient light and cross talk

  • Adjustable background suppression

  • PinPoint LED for a precise & highly visible light spot

  • Passive area management

  • Bigger potentiometer for easy adjustment

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Flexi Loop Modular Safety Controller

more information Flexi Loop saves costs with sensor cascades that communicate

Flexi Loop meets the demand for a cost-effective way to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine while also supporting diagnostics. 

 Such a system set-up also guarantees the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, emergency stop push-buttons and sensors. Used in connection with Flexi Soft, the entire safety application can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs – cost-effective, personalized and efficient.

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WL27-3 Reflex Array Sensor

Low-Cost Array Sensor for Simple Light Grid Applications

Sick Array Sensor

The Reflex Array photoelectric sensor is designed for reliable leading edge detection of irregular shaped objects, including product with tapered edges, warped boards, and packaged product.








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With more than 450 patents for photoelectric sensors, safety solutions, machine vision, and bar code scanners, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, consumer goods, logistics, parcel/postal, and material handling industries.. SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications.

Industrial Sensors

SICK Industrial Sensors reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognize and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects. This vast array of industrial sensors encompasses photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors.  TheirSick Sensors SICK Industrial Sensors photoelectric sensors include cylindrical, compact, small and miniature series as well as zone control roller conveyor sensors and fiber-optic photoelectric sensors.  Capacitive sensors are ideal for level and feed monitoring. From solid material, such as paper or wood... to granules or liquids, they reliably detect the status of the product during the production process and final inspection.  SICK can always provide the right solution to meet your inductive proximity senor requirements – from cylindrical and rectangular standard sensors... to special sensors for explosive zones and harsh environments.
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High-performance Sensors

Contrast sensors recognize differences in material brightness and color. SICK Contrast sensors detect minimum contrast levels at maximum speeds, such as print marks on foil, packaging and print products. They detect small Sick high performance sensors SICK High Performance Sensors differences in grey values between mark and background on matte, gloss or transparent surfaces. 

Luminescence sensors recognize fluorescent markings, labels, threads, lubricants and adhesives. Color sensors identify and differentiate objects by color.  Color sensors function using a special three-color method.  Fork sensors combine the sender and receiver in a single housing. This ensures very reliable detection.  SICK offers the most distance measurement products in the industry, providing more flexibility and value for its customers. You can detect distances or other dimensions, such as filling levels or positions precisely using SICK distance measurement sensors.
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Sick Safety Products

Safety Opto-electronic devicesLight Curtains SICK Safety Products

Since their inception, SICK has led the world in opto-electronic Safety Solutions for hazardous machines and work areas. SICK continues to develop innovative point-of-operation devices, optical perimeter and area guards. Advanced functions of their safety control devices include fixed, floating, and multiple point floating blanking, Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) and multiple configurable muting controls.

Safety Laser ScannersSick safety scanners SICK Safety Laser Scanners

SICK offers the most safety laser scanners on the market, providing you more application flexibility. Laser scanners are used for non-contact monitoring of a freely programmable area. No separate reflectors are required. Installation is simple because the sender and receiver are in a single housing.  Safety light curtains are used for finger, hand protection and access protection. Depending on the type various machine functions are integrated or can be selected via safe control solutions.
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Safety Switches

SICK products easily withstand harsh conditions, such as impact and vibrations. SICK safety switches are available in plastic or Sick safety switches SICK Safety Switches metal housings and are reliable over a long lifetime.  Stricter safety regulations, and the need for tamper-proof safety at work, now make modern safety switches indispensable. Non-contact safety switches from SICK can be used for the safe monitoring of movable guards as well as for position monitoring.

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Vision Sensors

SICK's vision sensors are easy to use, rugged and reliable.  From part inspection... to verifying presence... to color sorting and optical character recognition, SICK has a solution.  SICK smart cameras can be programmed to read, inspect, locate, identifySick Vision sensors SICK Vision Sensors and/or measure features in the acquired image data. A PC or laptop is used for application development and the camera operates stand-alone or as a part of factory network.  The IVC-2D smart cameras come in standard VGA and high XGA resolutions and operate on gray scale images. The IVC-3D smart cameras are complete systems for high-speed capturing and analysis of true shape data. Measuring the third dimension provides knowledge about object height, shape and volume, independent of contrast.  The Ranger and Ruler are high speed 3D cameras for advanced applications and tough industrial environments. The cameras measure object shape (3D) at high speeds at the same time as measuring other object features, such as gray scale and laser scatter (MultiScan). Measuring the 3rd dimension provides knowledge about object height, shape, or volume. In combination with the MultiScan technology, object information is provided by one single camera - decreasing solution complexity and cost.
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High speed 3D for complete vision solutions in tough industrial environments!

Ranger and Ruler are high speed 3D cameras for advanced applications and tough industrial environments. The cameras measures object shape (3D) at unmatched speed and quality at the same time as measuring other object features such as gray scale and laser scatter (MultiScan). Ranger 3D Camera SIC 3D Cameras

Measuring the 3rd dimension provides knowledge about object height, shape, or volume. In combination with the MultiScan technology, most object information necessary for a robust and reliable decision is provided by one single camera - thus decreasing solution complexity and cost.

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Identification Solutions

SICK bar code scanners speed up logistics automation. Excellent reading performance ensures the process flow even when the bar Sick barcode scanners SICK ID Solutions codes are damaged or printed poorly. Their high scanning frequency enables high process speeds. This series also offers easy-to-use networking. The compact connection systems save space and costs.  The stationary 2D code scanners from SICK have a multitude of uses. Whether 1D or 2D, or direct marked codes (e.g., laser, dot peening, ink jet) on metallic, plastic or on paper, they provide an ideal solution for nearly every application. They also offer multi-compatible connectivity. From the machine to the control system, they can be integrated in every environment.  SICK hand-held scanners offer a cost-effective solution for non-industrial, general purpose 1D identification tasks.  They support multiple interfaces, including USB, PS/2 and RS232 TTL, within a single scanner providing reliable identification of poor quality bar codes – no manual data collection needed.
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W2 Flat Photoelectric Sensor

W2 Flat sensorOne of the smallest photoelectric sensors in the world, the W2 Flat, requires no external amplifier t ofit into tight spaces.

The W2 Flat family of SICK miniature photoelectric sensors has a sensing range of 0 ... 150 mm. At only 35mm high this sensors operates with no need for an external amplifier, and is sensitive enough to detect transparent and reflecting objects. The W2 is cased in robust plastic housing, with mounting holes reinforced with metal. This model utilizes visible LED red light.

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