Connect-a-Light Linear Lights

Directly connect Linear Lights together with no external wiring needed. The unique T-slot design of the 2nd generation linear light series enables direct daisy chaining with no external wiring. 

LX Series Linear Lights more

The LX series aluminum housing is designed to transfer heat away from high power LEDs, dissipating the heat evenly throughout the housing. 

Multiple uints can be connectedend- to-end physically and electrically creating a compact and consistant illumination field.

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ODMM Light Series

Smart Vision Lights is pleased to announce the release of our OverDrive Dataman Light Module.

ODMM Light Series more

This light was specifically engineered to mount and integrate seamlessly to the front of all Cognex Dataman 500 readers. It features 12 OverDrive LEDs available in either standard or wide projection. This light module matches the maximum scanning specs of the Dataman 500 with strobe speeds up to 1000 strobes per second.




Smart Vision Lights SVL home page Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing machine vision lights for the advanced lighting industry. Their products feature high current LEDs and an intelligent driver in every light. With the built in intelligent driver, a separate driver is no longer needed for the machine light. This intelligent driver, also known as a smart driver, provides a constant current to every machine vision light.

Smart Vision Lights more Standard Products

Smart Vision Lights Standard Products feature high current LEDs and an intelligent driver in every light. With the built in intelligent driver, a separate driver is no longer needed for the machine light. This intelligent driver, also known as a smart driver, provides a constant current to every machine vision light.

Standard Products


Overdrive lights more OverDrive

OverDrive™ series of lights includes an integrated strobe driver for complete LED light control. No need for an external driver to control the light. The integrated intelligent driver monitors the strobe operation maximizing the lights output during inspections of the vision system.

OverDrive Series

Smart Vision Lights Structured Lights SVL Structured Lights Structured Lights

LED Structured Light pattern projector uses patterns and optics to provide a focused structured light. SP pattern projectors integrate precisely etched masks. Any kind of pattern shape can be easily supplied, integrated and projected. The size of the projection area can be easily modified by interchanging the projection optics. Projectors integrate standard C-mount 2/3” lenses. Telecentric lenses can also be used for telecentric pattern projection.


The SP30 projector uses a 5 watt LED. SP30 is available in light output of White, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, Cyan, UV and IR. SP30 includes an integrated constant current driver with a built in strobe input with option for PNP or NPN trigger control.

Structured Lights

Connect-a-light more Connect-a-light

With Connect-a-light the spacing between the high current LED’s is the same between lights as in an individual light. The LED’s remain equally spaced between lights. When lights are connected together placing lights end to end there is no uniformity difference.


Smart Vision Lights Home Page

Smart Vision Lights introduces the LHF series of LED linear lights for the direct replacement of fluorescent lights

more Like all Smart Vision Lights, the LHF series of fluorescent replacement lights comes with the industry’s only internal driver capable of both continuous and strobed operation. The LHF series can use either NPN or PNP strobe triggers to control light pulse timing. Internal LED drivers also eliminate the need for additional wiring between the light and external drivers, simplifying installation.

Furthermore, the LHF series is based on Smart Vision Lights’ Direct-Connect series of linear lights, which allows the user to snap together up to eight 300mm LHF300 lights for a consistent illumination source up to 2.4 meters long without any additional wiring. A T-slot built into every Direct-Connect LED light housing makes it easy to install and support our LED lights for virtually any application.

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LED Line Scan – Line High Power (LHP)

LHP Line Scan LightThe innovative design of the LHP Series light allows this product to project the most intense and fully focusable line on the market today. The LHP utilizes 192 high power LEDs for every 300mm in length while remaining thermally stable thanks to the heat dissipating qualities of the aluminum housing and the built in air or liquid cooling controlled via an external chilling system. With an interlocking key switch selectable between high and low intensity, the LHP Series is fully controllable and user protected. E

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LLPX Series Edge-Lit Backlight Large Light Panels

LLPX Large Light PanelThe LLPX Series is Smart Vision Lights’ second generation of LLP backlights that allows for more intensity with the same familiar ease of mounting. A new optically clear internal light dispersion grid and matte white–finished backing plate allows more light to reflect up and out through the diffusion acrylic. The LLPX Series new Multi-Drive™ driver includes continuous operation as well as OverDrive™ Strobe mode for that extra burst of intensity.

OverDrive™ operation offers up to 10 times the power versus constant operation. Simply set the product parameters at the LED manufacturer’s maximum allowed intensity. The built-in Multi-Driver also protects the LEDs from premature degradation and failure caused by excessive heat by regulating the current delivered to the LEDs and limiting the duty cycle of the light.

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