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Robotiq designs and manufactures flexible robot grippers and complimentary components. Robotiq works with robot manufacturers, integrators and end-users to deliver dexterous grippers that enable new applications and improve productivity.

2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

Robotiq 2 finger gripper

The 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper has been designed to match Universal Robots in terms of payload, flexibility and user-friendliness.
The 2-Finger Gripper has also been designed to make its installation and programming with Universal Robots easily accessible for everyone. The embedded URCap software also allows the use of several Grippers on the same UR arm.

  • 85mm or 140mm stroke
  • Eliminate custom-made end effectors and tools

2-Finger Grippers

3-Finger Adaptive Robotic Gripper

Robotiq 3 finger gripper

For maximum versatility and flexibility, the 3-Finger Gripper is the best option. Ideal for advanced manufacturing and advanced robotic research, the 3-Finger Gripper will pick up any object of any shape. The 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper has been designed to match Universal Robots in terms of payload, flexibility and user-friendliness. This robot hand has also been designed to make its installation and programming with Universal Robots easily accessible for everyone.

3-Finger Grippers

Hand E-Gripper

Robotiq Hand-E Gripper

Hand-E is the first UR+ electric gripper ready for the new e-SERIES generation of Universal Robots..

  • 3 wide-stroke options
  • Multiple grip modes
  • Built-in position feedback
  • Fast and strong
  • Precise and durable
  • Part validation
  • Take control: adjust the gripper’s position, speed, and force, for a perfect grasp

Hand-E Gripper

Wrist Camera

Robotiq wrist camera

Robotiq's Camera brings Plug + Play vision for Universal Robots.

  • 5-minute setup time
  • Simple object teaching interface
  • Autonomous location of objects on work surface.
  • No coding required
The Camera is designed specifically for Universal Robots.

Wrist Camera

Force Torque Sensor

Robotiq force torque sensor

Robotiq’s Force Torque Sensors give your Universal Robot the sense of touch. Because it’s a digital signal, the Force Torque Sensor is not affected by surrounding noise and provides a stable, precise measurement of force applied on the process or part. 
By installing a Force Torque Sensor on your robot, you’ll be able to reliably perform the following tasks:

  • Precision part insertion
  • Assembly and fabrication
  • Product testing

Force Torque Sensor

Robotiq Force Copilot

Robotiq force copilot

Force Copilot is an intuitive software to operate Universal Robots e-Series’ embedded force torque sensor. It accelerates the programming of a whole host of applications, including part insertion and surface finding. Its sensing functions increase flexibility and reliability in machine-tending, assembly, finishing, and pick-and-place applications.

  • Unlock force-sensitive applications
  • Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility
  • Unleash your force torque sensor’s full potential
  • Master force control in no time

Force Copilot

Vacuum Grippers

Robotiq vacuum grippers

EPick and AirPick are vauum gripper ready for use with the e-Series generation of robots from Universal Robots.

EPick operates without air supply, which makes it highly mobile. The EPick gets easily connected to the cobot wrist and needs no air supply.

The AirPick vacuum gripper is low noise, has a powerful flow and has a compact design for cobots. These vacuum grippers can handle a wide range of applications accordingly, they are ideal for picking up even as well as uneven workpieces made of different materials such as cardboard, glass, dry sheet metal and plastic.

Vacuum Grippers

Sanding Kit

Robotiq sanding kit

Robotiq’s Sanding Kit makes integrating the hardware and software components for a sanding application with a collaborative robot effortless. It reduces programming time from hours to minutes. Ensure consistent force is applied at each cycle with the software's built-in path generator.

  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Hardware and software solution for Universal Robots
  • Reduce worker injuries

Sanding Kit

R.R.Floody Company is a Robotiq distributor in Chicago and Northern Illinois. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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