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In-Sight 7000 Gen II

In-Sight 7000 Gen 2A Breakthrough in Flexibilty, Performance and Ease of Integration

Featuring: A field-customizable modular design


In-Sight Laser Profiler

In-Sight Laser ProfilerVerify Product Dimensions Easily and Reliably

Factory calibration ensures accurate and repeatable measurement results


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Mobile Industrial Robots


Technical Information


Sawyer with Intera 5Rethink Robotics Release Intera 5:
A new Approach to Automation

Sawyer’s Intera 5 software offers a new way to approach automation that allows manufacturers to control the robots, orchestrate the work cell and collect data.

  • Vision guided picking/placing
  • Dynamic robot positioning system
  • Gateway to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Adaptive decision making the force behavior and force sensitivity


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