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Asyril offers high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components up to 40mm in size. Their innovative technology can handle bulk parts of any geometry and allows for extremely gentle part feeding.

Asycube Series


Asycube flexible 3-axis vibration feeders offers high performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.

  • Asycube 530- Offers optimal part feeding, orientation and surface distribution for parts and components from 30 to 150mm. 
  • Asycube 380 - Ideal flexible feeder for components from 15 to 60mm
  • Asycube 240 - Flexible feeder for components from 5 to 40 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 50 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles)
  • Asycube 80 - Ideal flexible feeder for small components from 3 to 10 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 15 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles)
  • Asycube 50 - Ideal flexible feeder for small components from <0.1 to 5 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 8 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles)

asycube Information

Asycube Purge

Asycube Purge

Thanks to the combination of the quick-change platform mechanism and the purge option allowing a simple and quick emptying, Asyril offers an even more flexible and scalable product for a better return on investment.

In applications where it is necessary to switch from production of product "A" to product "B", rapid changeover is the key to improved productivity. In order to meet this growing demand, Asyril is pleased to offer a purge platform that can be easily integrated on any Asycube 380 and on the new generation 530.

Reduce Changeover time:

  • Quick platform emptying
  • Avoids handling of parts
  • No tools required to change platform

Asycube Purge Information

EYE+ The Smart Control System


EYE+ is the intelligence between Asycube and robot. Control the hopper, Asycube, camera and the robot from the EYE+ Studio, a web based interface. EYE+ optimises the performance of your Asycube with integrated Artificial Intelligence based vision on a powerful controller.

What is EYE+?

  • EYE+ consists of a compact controller, a high-resolution camera and a calibration plate.
  • This plug and play system running on the easy to use EYE+ Studio web based interface that requires no in-depth knowledge of machine vision to run your flexible pick and place application.
  • EYE+ Studio also makes it easy to configure the vision, perform hand-eye calibration, change recipes and program new parts.


  • Easy to use: No previous experience of machine vision required to setup and use EYE+ resulting in faster installation and lower setup costs.

  • Intuitive recipe creation and configuration: User friendly interface, with step-by-step instructions and explanations, makes the software easy to follow. Have a complete new system with calibrated robot and vision setup within minutes. New recipes can be learnt in a fraction of the time compared to conventional models.

  • Plug and play: Designed to easily integrate with any size of Asycube and any industrial robot for hassle free set-up. Simple direct connection and pre defined vision parameters with help tips and graphics mean installation, mounting and setup can be quickly performed without any prior experience.

  • All included: Simply accessible via a web browser, no software download or additional licensing required. No 3rd party software or hardware required for a complete system.

  • Attractive: Highly competitive system costs compared to traditional solutions.

  • Compatible with any PLC & industrial robot brand: Command prompts are sent through TCP/IP so EYE+ is compatible with any robot brand giving pick point location for any part.

EYE+ Information

Multi-Feeding with EYE+


Would you like to feed several parts at the same time but find yourself constrained by the limited space on your machine? Asyril’s multi-feeding solution is the answer to your needs!

Thanks to the optimization of the dual feeding function, you can now feed up to four parts simultaneously using a single Asycube flexible feeder with the multi-feeding feature.

Utilizing a single camera, our EYE+ smart control system intelligently manages all components of your application. You can work with 2, 3, or even 4 parts by choosing from the available configurations, giving you considerable flexibility when creating or optimizing your machine.


  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Space savings for increased flexibility
  • Enhanced efficiency due to the simultaneous processing of 2 to 4 parts
  • Individualized management of each hopper

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Asycube Purge

Asycube Flexible Feeder

Asyril EYE+

R.R.Floody Company is an Asyril flexible feeder distributor in Chicago and Northern Illinois. We offer technical support to help our customers solve their applications.

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